Got a house? We have a concert!

The Fairest and Best are a very versatile band. Not only can we play in bars, festivals, and big stages - we also perform house concerts!

If you have a home and would like to host a concert we want to hear from you! We promise you an unforgettable night. A house concert is the perfect opportunity for a group of people to listen to the songs in a new way - in a more acoustic and personal setting. You will hear not only the songs themselves but also the stories behind the songs - the funny, poignant and moving stories that form the meaning behind The Fairest and Best's award winning songs.

We have a range of house concert formats to choose from - you could host the full 6 piece band - or any number of members - from a trio - to just Robert himself. Whatever works for your space and taste - we can make it happen!

Here's some feedback from our last house concert:

It was so much better than going to a bar. The intimate setting and great sound made it a very memorable night for us.

Composers don't often get a chance to provide interesting and amusing backstories to an appreciative and attentive audience.  Truly an 'intimate' musical evening."

Please click on the "contact" link above to get in touch with us - we can't wait to play in your living room!