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If you become an exclusive member you will be granted access to the inner sanctum of TFAB. You will:

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We value your support and we are always looking for ways to allow you to dig as deep as you want into the world of TFAB and to offer you the perks that only true fans would value (and deserve).

As just one example of what kind of exclusive access you will receive by being by being a member, check out the new page for our brand new single:  "We Are Ugly (but we got the music)".

The page includes:

  • The brand spanking new single (get ready to dance!)
  • The rough demos the band first heard form our Darryl when he first wrote it (you'll laugh - you'll cry!)
  • lyrics and the fascinating story behind the song (Why would anyone call a song "We are Ugly?")
  • Never-before-heard rehearsal sessions and hilarious bloopers.
  • Other versions created as the song headed toward the finished product.

We will be doing this type of page for all of our new material as it comes available and it will beexclusive to members - members like you. Two more songs are already in the works!

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