A Word About Resa's Pieces Singers:

A few months ago at a rehearsal Robert played the newly-composed "It Could Be You" to the members of Resa's Pieces Singers(www.resaspieces.org) - a choir here in Toronto that Robert directs. Several members of the choir were visibly moved by the song - having experienced the themes of the songs in their own families - and many members expressed an interest in raising money to help the band record the song. A week later (!) - together with the help of Harvey Kalles Real Estateenough money had been raised to record the song at the studio of producer Ross Hayes Citrullo - who also offered his services and a significant discount. Ross was keen to recognize the generosity of the choir members and offered to do a remote recording of the choir singing the song at their regular Monday night rehearsal (see video).  Our love and gratitude goes out to our friends in Resa's Pieces Singers - to Ross - and to our videographer Tim Roberts.